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Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractic Related Questions

I am NOT AN ATHLETE, is this the right office?

"We treat more than just athletes." More than 1/2 of our patients are not, and have never been athletes. We treat ages 4+, regardless of their athletic abilities. We do accept Medicare as well.

Does my INSURANCE cover the treatment?

Usually, most insurances cover chiropractic care. It is always a good idea to check before coming in. Most patients will have a copay (specialist) or unmet deductible amount.  For those without insurance, there is a cash rate.

Does the ADJUSTMENT hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments are considered a safe, conservative form of pain relief. Localized soreness is usually experienced the following day.

What is an ADJUSTMENT?

It is a gentle, but quick impulse that helps add movement to "stuck" joints.

Do I need a REFERRAL?

In New York State, most insurances do not require a referral.

Do I need to schedule an APPOINTMENT?

Yes, unfortunately the office is only open when patients are scheduled. Dr. Hagen is an adjunct instructor and spends time on campus teaching. Most patients have same day or next day appointments.

How OFTEN do I need to go?

Typically, patients experience results after 1-4 treatments. We do not have a "treatment" package but do encourage patients to return every 3-6 months for maintenance care (similar to dental cleanings or physical exams). The upfront cost is for that day, we do not bill in bulk.

What should I WEAR?

If possible come wearing gym attire. It is not required, but being able to see the area of complaint is very helpful.

My PAIN IS NOT IN MY BACK, can a Chiropractor  help?

Yes we can! A large portion of treatments in our office are for shoulders and hips.